I am Marcelo Ortiz, Assistant Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Welcome to my homepage!

I do research in Financial Accounting and Corporate Governance, with special emphasis on the role of transparency and family ties in the economy and corporate strategies. I am fortunate that my research projects have been published in leading journals, having three publications in the FT Top 50 journals. I am also affiliated with the Barcelona School of Economics and the UPF Barcelona School of Management.

Since 2019, I co-organize the Barcelona Accounting Seminars and Workshops.

Before my academic career, I was a portfolio manager at Itau Bank, working on interest and liquidity risk management through debt issuance, asset securitization, and derivatives trading.



  1. More than Money: Political Participation by Elite Business Families. Accepted. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. Joint with P. Duran and M. Carney.
  2. Mandatory Financial Disclosure and the M&A Activity. 2023. The Review of Financial Studies. Joint with F. Urzua, C. Peter, and P. Volpin.
  3. Inheritance tax, Shareholder Protection, and the market value of Family Firms. 2021. Global Strategy Journal. Joint with M. Braun, M. Carney, P. Duran, and J. Riutort.
    • Publisher.
    • Finalist Best Paper Award AIB LAT 2018.
  4. When More Is Better: Multifamily Firms and Firm Performance. 2020. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. Joint with P. Duran.

Book Chapters

  1. Inheritance Law. Encyclopedia of Family Business. Forthcoming. Cheltenham, UK, Edward Elgar Publishing.

📎 Working Paper

  • Peer Financial Reports and Cash Policy (with Francisco Urzúa)
  • Private Firms and Offshore Finance: the Real Effects of Data Leaks (with Juan Imbet)
  • Dynamic Contracting and Corporate Tax Evasion (with Juan Imbet and Vincent Tena).

🛠️ Work in Progress

  • Industry Information and The Market for Top Executives (with Francisco Urzúa and Paolo Volpin)